Why does Babbitt's weekly quotation suddenly disappear? Can the Bitcoin halving effect be fulfilled again?

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.

The global cryptocurrency market began to stagnate or even retreat last week. Today, it is only 69 days before the third halving of Bitcoin, but Bitcoin has fallen from above 10,000 USD to below 9,000 USD, which is far from the expected halving market. Far away, where do investors and miners go from here? Ethereum's ProgPoW upgrade has also made the community talk, and some even think that this upgrade will tear the Ethereum community. Last week, the blockchain industry completed a number of major financings, such as the blockchain security company CoolBitX's $ 16.75 million financing, Revolut's $ 500 million financing and Chengdu Chainan's new round of financing. As for the central bank's digital currency, new news has been announced in China, the UK, Canada, and Japan.

Babbitt Industry Orientation

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With 9 years of industry accumulation, Babbitt has created a complete knowledge map of the blockchain for you, allowing you to directly reach the insights, business insights, and investment opportunities of the blockchain. It is the Babbitt Industry Welcome Orientation Lesson-"Began to Learn Series-Seeing the blockchain industry in 2020, what should you focus on the most?"

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FCoin's follow-up story

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The story of FCoin continues. Just as Zhang Jian worked hard to fill the funding hole, a blockade in Hangzhou spread to the community again. All signs indicate that the road to restart FCoin will be extremely difficult. Over time, the fear of FCoin investors will also deepen, and the uncertainties of the FCoin situation will increase.

FCoin latest progress: Zhang Jian announces wallet address, defenders confront Zhang Jian's family, Hangzhou police will not file a case

FCoin activist reports late at night to block Zhang Jian's relatives, police are counting victims' losses

Can the community restart and can the losses be recovered? 8 big events to clarify the way for FCoin to defend your rights

I. Policy and supervision

Cryptocurrency regulation seems to have become one of the important tasks of global regulators in 2020, especially with the constant development of stablecoins (especially Libra). In addition, FATF's new rules for money laundering are coming into effect, and global regulators are adjusting to comply with relevant regulations, including increasing cryptocurrency anti-money laundering regulations. Another important thing is that the Bitcoin ETF was once again unexpectedly rejected by the SEC. Although expected, the cryptocurrency market still responded and expanded its decline.

G20 Finance Ministers' Summit: Reiterating Regulation and Review of Global Stablecoin

Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi amend cryptocurrency regulations in conjunction with Financial Action Task Force

New Zealand: IRD proposes to waive taxes on some cryptocurrencies to boost industry development

U.S. Department of Commerce requires companies involved in cross-border cryptocurrency transactions to report

SEC rejects Wilshire Phoenixd's Bitcoin ETF application

Blockchain and physical applications

The new crown epidemic has been alleviated and effectively controlled, but it is still a while before the socio-economic recovery is complete. This situation has also pushed back the advantages of blockchain technology to accelerate the implementation of related applications. For example, the Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice supported by Tencent blockchain has developed a new experience.

The epidemic is on the verge, and the era of large-scale landing of blockchain applications has accelerated!

For the record, shake the "mask", resume work monitoring, the blockchain can be used in this way

Non-contact is more comfortable, new experience of Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice during the epidemic prevention period

Blockchain under epidemic situation: Revitalize "IOU" to help small and micro enterprises loan

Shanghai deepens reform of “One Netcom Office” and encourages the use of blockchain and other technologies

Eliminate voting fraud, Seoul, South Korea will launch blockchain voting system on March 1

Third, technical direction

Important Ethereum Capacity Expansion Solution: Optimistic Rollup Status Report (Part 1)

Ethereum's important expansion plan: Optimistic Rollup status report (middle)

Ant Blockchain latest technology thinking: cross-chain standards, hardware, and IoT convergence have become three major trends

DeFi is about to welcome zk-SNARK privacy technology without trust: what is Supersonic's solution?

Fourth, investment and financing

The Swiss stock exchange SIX has been active in the field of cryptocurrency trading, this time directly investing in trading platforms. CoolBitX, a Taiwanese blockchain company, received $ 16.75 million in Series B funding, led by Japanese financial giants SBI and Monex. Chengdu Chainan has received a new round of financing from Qianhai Mother Fund. Prior to this, Chengdu Chainan had received tens of millions of yuan in strategic investment led by Lenovo Venture Capital, Fosun Hi-Tech, Cheng Venture Capital and Renzi Bank in December 2019.

Swiss exchange SIX announces investment in cryptocurrency trading platform Omniex, exact amount not disclosed

Blockchain security company CoolBitX completes USD 16.75 million in Series B financing, led by Japanese SBI and Monex

"Chengdu Chainan" Receives New Round of Financing from Qianhai Mother Fund, Yang Xia, Founder of Babbitt Exclusive Dialogue

Crypto-friendly fintech company Revolut secures $ 500 million in funding, triples valuation to $ 5.5 billion

V. Mining

ProgPoW upgrades designed to resist Ethereum ASIC miners have recently sparked controversy, and some even believe that there is a danger of splitting the community. The MakerDAO head of risk even said that ProgPoW may have a negative impact on DeFi.

Ethereum community members launch petition against ProgPoW, questioning its validity

Babbitt original 丨 Ethereum miners' life and death situation: 4G graphics card mining machine may annihilate the entire army in the fourth quarter!

Is Ethereum completely resistant to Asic mining? No, this is a rumor!

MakerDAO Risk Leader: ProgPoW may do no good to the DeFi industry


The impact of the bZx event is gradually fading, but ProgPoW is setting off waves in the DeFi field. Especially this upgrade could endanger DeFi.

MakerDAO Risk Leader: ProgPoW may put DeFi at risk, Maker may need to stand as soon as possible

Can DeFi become a solution to the difficult financing of SMEs?

DeFi Monthly Report | bZx incident rethinking, what do DeFi oracles, insurance, and governance do?

"True Incense Law" is inevitable, Compound, the DeFi agreement, announced the issuance of governance token COMP to achieve a decentralized governance process

Babbitt Exclusive | Staking + DeFi + DAO, the rough collision of complex transactions and simple governance

DeFi this year: There is not much time left for other public chains

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

Whether it is necessary to issue central bank digital currencies is still under discussion among central banks in various countries, but it seems that all countries are planning ahead and speeding up the exploration. The Libra Association has recently welcomed two new members, including Canadian e-commerce shopify and cryptocurrency startup Tagomi.

Central bank digital currency

Babbitt launch | Deputy Governor of the Bank of England: strengthen supervision of stablecoins, plan central bank digital currency

Central bank digital currency industry chain carding: more than 20 companies participated, most of them have been listed

Canada: Retail CBDC has plans, release time has not yet come

Bank of England: Central banks should consider developing CBDC to counter the tech giant ’s lead in digital payments

Japan's Finance Minister: China's central bank's digital currency may pose great risks


Analysis | From Libra's perspective, how to govern the crypto market

What are the developments of Libra during the epidemic that deserve attention?

Will the addition of Canadian e-commerce Shopify bring new hope to Libra?

Libra welcomes new members, has this company been almost acquired by Coinbase for $ 150 million?

Eight, halve

Where is the halving market? Not only did the cryptocurrency market not halve the market last week, but it fell below $ 9,000, and the rise was weak. Miners now have to think about what they will do and how to deal with it if the halving market fails.

If Bitcoin does not take off as expected, what should miners do after halving?

Bitcoin halves: 98% of mining machines will be outdated, and e-waste will exceed 10,000 tons

Analysis: halving is coming, Bitcoin may face greater volatility

Economics of halving: what will happen to the price of Bitcoin?

Nine, market transactions

The trading market was bleak last Monday, and the size of futures positions even exceeded $ 800 million for 24 hours. Bitcoin even fell below $ 8,600, a one-month low.

Babbitt Original | Zeroing out, getting rich in the market, do you know these three big futures players?

Gray Capital Ethereum Trust Fund has a premium of 426%, and institutional investors are the main buyers

Forgotten crypto assets: daily trading volume of over 5000 tokens only accounts for 2% of the market

Bitcoin fell below $ 8,600 overnight, and the entire network exceeded $ 879 million

Bitcoin fell below $ 9,200, and the entire network was over $ 300 million in short positions. Is the halving quotation not over yet?

Will the new Bitcoin short ETP on Germany's second largest stock exchange be sought after by investors in the halving market?