The Blockchain Electronic Invoice Extreme Edition is launched on WeChat, and the fastest time for an enterprise to open an invoice is 30 minutes.

On March 2nd, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau joined hands with Tencent Blockchain and WeChat Pay to launch the Blockchain Electronic Invoice Express Edition. Li Haohao, Director of the Tax Collection and Technology Development Division of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, introduced that taxpayers have the qualification to use blockchain electronic invoices when they successfully apply for a business. They only need to log in to the electronic taxation bureau to enable taxes, bind service providers and open WeChat. The merchant account can use the fast version of the blockchain electronic invoice. Currently, it supports WeChat payment invoicing mode and unlimited code scanning mode.

According to the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, the invoicing company only needs to register and configure online, and can open the e-ticketing eligibility of the blockchain electronic ordinary invoice as soon as half an hour. Consumers can enter the invoicing application page by scanning the code or payment receipt, and the financial staff can use the mobile phone. Mini-program review, no need to collect tickets, no need to purchase special equipment, and no paper invoice delivery.