Meng Yan, Vice President of the Digital Asset Research Institute: Blockchain will usher in development opportunities after the epidemic

Today, at the Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, Meng Yan, the deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said that after the epidemic, blockchain will usher in development opportunities, based on 4 logics: 1. The epidemic prompted China to rethink the new round of IT Major upgrades of infrastructure, social governance system and crisis response system, and blockchain will play a role in it; 2. Global digital currency and digital finance will accelerate, and US lawmakers propose a new bill to provide a "safe harbor" for some crypto startups This is worth paying attention to; 3. The US election year and the China epidemic may drive the global implementation of the real economy revitalization plan and credit easing; 4. The popularization of blockchain learning under the pressure of national strategies and the 14th Five-Year Plan.