ICT Institute Yang Baixue: Blockchain technology has positive effects on social governance paradigm and social psychology

Yang Baixue, a blockchain researcher at the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, said that blockchain technology has developed into a platform-based technology. A multi-sector collaborative computing paradigm is used to build a shared and collaborative infrastructure between multiple departments. Wait for networks to interconnect and collaborate, and improve the data quality through the distributed storage, immutability and traceability of the system, and achieve the fast and accurate acquisition of the required data when responding to problems. At the same time, its traceability and data consistency mechanism can accurately trace back to the provider of false and false information and data leakage information, which has a positive effect on the social governance paradigm and social psychology. For example, when an epidemic situation breaks out, the epidemic prevention command team can accurately obtain effective information such as the quantity, status, and location of epidemic prevention strategic materials in the shared collaborative infrastructure constructed by the blockchain to respond to the epidemic needs, support decision-making, and stabilize social and psychological issues It's positive.