Analysts: Steem tokens held by Steemit are hijacked by hackers for short-term network control

Sun Yuchen tweeted that the hijacking of Steem tokens held by Steemit was the reason for short-term control of the network. Steem has now successfully defeated malicious hackers and all funds are safe. On February 22, some malicious hackers frozen 65 million STEEMs legally owned by STEEM core developer Steemit. When we found out, hackers had hijacked STEEM and threatened to invalidate existing STEEM. And the risk of damaging the STEEM network harms the interests of each STEEM holder. Therefore, we need to take immediate action to protect the STEEM blockchain and ecosystem. We need to control the network in a short time. Our sole intention is to secure the interests of Stake and STEEM holders. Our intention is not to control the STEEM network. Once we have determined that a malicious hacker will no longer damage STEEM, we will commit to returning voting rights to the community.