E-House China Launches 3 Blockchain Epidemic Prevention Intelligent Control Systems

According to Chinanews.com, on March 2, Yiju China, a real estate industry chain service provider, launched an intelligent control chain system that applies blockchain technology to the security prevention and control management of communities, buildings and crime scenes. E-House China's self-developed property management and winding system includes the community patrol chain (anti-epidemic version), the crime scene intelligent control chain (anti-epidemic version), and the building intelligence that will be launched on March 10. Control Chain (anti-epidemic version) aims to use the characteristics of blockchain data tamper resistance, information encryption, authorized interaction, and traceability in the real estate application scenarios that are inseparable from work and life, for residential communities, commercial buildings and sales. Property service companies and operation service companies on the courts provide intelligent anti-epidemic solutions to create a security line that can maintain the fidelity of personnel files, be clean and manageable, and have traceable access.