Foshan Chan City: Through the "Blockchain Vision" project, digital management of primary and secondary school students' eye health

According to China Education Daily, Foshan Chancheng has implemented the whole process of vision screening to treatment for primary and secondary school students in the district through the implementation of digital management of eye health for primary and secondary school students and the construction of the "blockchain + vision" project. Establish an eye health file for them, and strive to achieve digital management of the entire process of eye health for primary and middle school students. Through the "Blockchain + Vision" project, Chancheng uses the project's intelligent screening equipment to complete binocular diopter examination in about 20 seconds, and the relevant screening data is uploaded to the comprehensive eye health platform in time to form an electronic vision health file. More importantly, the area is applied to the test, and the early warning function of the data monitoring results is fully utilized to provide the scientific basis and data support for the government to formulate strategies for the prevention and control of myopia.