"BEB public chain" has been put on the agenda and will build the world's top digital currency blockchain platform

According to official reports, the Hong Kong digital currency blockchain platform "Beibo (BEB) Blockchain Platform" is scheduled to officially launch on April 16, 2020, "BEB Public Chain" No. 1 Genesis Block. The "BEB public chain" will realize: 1. "Mobile consensus" is implemented in the "BEB public chain" consensus mechanism; 2. "BEB public chain" realizes interaction with the "Ethereum public chain".

VPOW consensus incentive incentive, a mobile phone is a light node, no threshold, zero operation, and does not occupy any system resources, the entire network consensus block rewards 100BEB every 10 minutes. Purchase, cross-chain interconnection and real-time conversion into ETH.

For more information: www.beb.world