Heavy! The wind is coming again 2020——Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit kicks off next week

Even when the world is shut down, the blockchain will never sleep. "Wind Resurgence · 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit" is about to open! Halving mad cows, DeFi myth … The twelve core issues are staged in turn; live sales, cloud recruitment … Featured activities go online; forum airdrops, building awards … The prizes are soft. From March to May, Babbitt will gather all its resources, including Babbitt Information, the chain node community, Babbitt College, Babbitt Accelerator, and Chainworks, to connect the best-in-class resources in the industry in parallel, allowing you to stay at home. Beat the pulse of the industry. This is a top-level traffic event for millions of blockchain practitioners. Let's get dry and hi in the next three months.

More exciting information: https://www.8btc.com/article/563442