Donggang shares: Beijing's first blockchain electronic invoice has been issued, and subsidiaries provide technical applications and support

Donggang Shares announced that on March 2nd, the State Administration of Taxation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Taxation issued the "Statement of the State Administration of Taxation, Beijing Municipal Administration of Taxation on the Implementation of Blockchain Electronic Ordinary Invoices. Under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau, the subsidiary Donggang Ruihong provided the application and support based on blockchain technology, and issued the first electronic blockchain invoice in Beijing on March 3, 2020. The block chain electronic invoice issued by Beijing was led by Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau. Donggang Ruihong provided technical support. provided query and verification services according to authorization. The implementation of this project is conducive to the advancement of the company's blockchain electronic invoice project, and is conducive to the development of blockchain-related projects. At present, the company's blockchain project is still in its infancy and promotion stage, and it has not yet brought significant impact on the improvement of the company's overall operating performance. Investors are kindly requested to pay attention to investment risks.