Analysis of the market: On May 1st, the fixed investment in multiple positions will gradually reduce profits, and the bag will be the king.


BTC opened 5233 yesterday, the lowest in the session down 5187, the highest rose to 5337, the final closing 5311, today opened 5311, first a small callback, then the market is a rough wave, the current offer is near 5350, from the day before the opening of the long Fixed investment, started to rise slightly yesterday, today completely rose to eat the day before the fall of the Yinxian, the market has completely returned from the previous callbacks, to the rising wave, but whether the market can continue to rebound, personally, whether or not The more should be the upswing of the b wave, there will not be too much. Mainly look around the pressure zone 5520. The next step is to wait for when it can be in place, adjust the direction according to the situation of the disk, and temporarily follow the direction of yesterday's fixed investment. Of course, after the successful investment, follow the idea of ​​gradually reducing profits and lightening the position.


ETH yesterday according to the idea of ​​fixed investment, has a certain degree of high, the chart is the daily level trend, mainly refer to the long-short conversion of the 60 moving average, from the current trend, the 60 moving average has been completely below the K line, It has been determined that the market will stop falling, and the fixed investment can be held continuously. Here is a key point to note that it is not fixed investment but continuous holding. After the price has a certain overshoot, it will not consider new long positions. The further rise of the market can gradually reduce the long position at hand and gradually close the position.


Ruibo's fixed position in the current round has risen sharply yesterday. The market started to attack the half-month moving average pressure today. The current callback is around 0.305. The combined capacity can be reduced from 0.370 to the contraction. The bulls can further develop. Force, but can not see too large rise, yesterday out of the bargaining chip, you can enter the market again, touched around 0.324 during the holiday, once again make a certain reduction, to ensure that the cost line of the chip is controlled below 0.290. As a fixed investment, the most important trading method, that is, the gradual lower position cost, the dealer's escape is always going on, and it is necessary to idle the chips in the early stage of the banker's large cash out.


Compared with the rest of the mainstream, the Prince has the largest decline, and the increase is also the largest. From the daily level, the volume of transactions has exploded from the previous period, and the market has risen from the level of 160 to the level above 340. It has been a reversal of the contraction. Therefore, yesterday and today, a small amount of bullish Can directly shake the market's upside. Today's price is up to the half-moon line, the market has a certain correction, and the market is expected to rise further. Yesterday and the previous day's fixed-term multiple positions can continue, maintain a principle, and gradually reduce profits.


After the grapefruit was opened yesterday and the day before yesterday, the daily level of the market has risen two times. It opened at the 7-day moving average in the morning. Combined with the rest of the currency, the grapevine’s attack on this round is relatively weak. If the grapefruit can be consistent, the market estimate is able to reach the 5.0 offer, but 4.9 failed to attack. From the overall point of view, the current price is around 7.76, the price can still have a certain upside, do not make a new order, or the original long position to continue holding, touched 5.0 to make a second lighten up, to ensure that the position is not large, try a new high.


As a pioneer, the hot bar is not the biggest increase, but the trend is the most obvious. It has already gone out of the previous shocks. After a certain correction in the market, it will continue to rise upwards. The pressure within the day can be positioned near 78.5. Yesterday and the previous day, the order will be more than the previous day, you can do two rounds of reduction in the vicinity of the day, whether the market can go further, from the current point of view, it should not be too much overestimation, the market has started from the level of nearly 100 Withdrawal to around 65, after a certain increase, the market will further decline, but in the short term, the market can also attack once.

Quote summary

Yesterday and the previous day's fixed investment, the current profit is good, the next line of thinking in accordance with the idea of ​​gradually profit-reduction, the market once again a sharp rise, fixed investment, can end, the bag is safe. As for the trend in the later period, from the perspective of volume, there is still a chance to break new heights in 19 years, but there is a short-term overall, that is, the overall market fever has cooled down, including the excessive decline of the small coins. The collective pull-up of the entire market is not beneficial to the dealers. Whether it is possible to maintain a unified view among the bankers is crucial. A slight opinion is not uniform, and the long market is still to be aborted. On the whole, these things are still too far away from us. We cherish the multi-chips in our hands. In every round of the market, we will make every round of reductions and keep the loss. It is the true meaning of the market. Investment is not about how much a person earns, but how long it takes to live. Only when he survives can he be qualified to speak and how much he can live.

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