Hunan's First Provincial Blockchain Industrial Park Settled in Loudi

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Hunan Province recently approved the establishment of the Hunan Blockchain Industrial Park (Loudi Wanbao) based on Loudi Wanbao New District, which is also the first provincial blockchain industrial park established in Hunan Province. In recent years, Lou Di has clearly taken the blockchain as an important breakthrough for transformation and development, and compiled the "Development Plan of the Lou Di City Blockchain Industry", which has gathered a number of groups including Beijing Golden Shares Chain, Hangzhou Fun Chain, Chengdu Qingshou, Shenzhen Defangzhichain, etc. An industry leader with core technology advantages and has achieved significant results in the technological innovation and application of the blockchain industry. The "2019 China Blockchain Industrial Park Development Report" evaluates the comprehensive competitiveness of the national blockchain industrial park, and Loudi ranks 17th.