HNA Group's financial problems exposed, blockchain development stopped abruptly

According to the interlink pulse report, on February 29, the official website of HNA Group issued an announcement saying that the Hainan Provincial Government took the lead in setting up a joint working group to advance HNA's risk treatment. Five years ago, HNA Group entered the blockchain; two years ago, HNA's blockchain business was personally platformed by Chen Feng. Since 2015, HNA's blockchain business has attacked on all sides, from point interconnection, logistics, supply chain finance to exchanges. Its blockchain applications are so diverse within a single organization, and it can't find a second in the world. However, after all, the blockchain failed to help HNA get out of trouble. When HNA's financial problems began to emerge, the development of the HNA blockchain stopped abruptly. In fact, at this stage, the blockchain that is still in the application verification period is not enough to reverse the corporate plight. There are still a number of well-known companies in front of HNA: 2345, Storm Group, OFO, Wanda Group, etc.