Analysis: Bitcoin box shock probability rises again, need to pay attention to $ 8,638 support within the day

BFX.NU research members said that with the last night ’s volatile drop in Bitcoin and a slight oversold signal in the market, Bitcoin began to pick up naturally in the early hours of this morning, but the buying flow did not increase significantly during the period, mainly due to shrink Mainly, this provides a reference for the subsequent trend of the cabinet again. Therefore, long investors need to focus on the $ 8,638 support level within the day. If the volume falls below, it may not rule out a new low. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 14 types of contracts, such as CKB, ALGO, and TRX, have significantly increased their positions, while 9 types of contracts, such as NEO, XTZ, and LTC, have shown a trend of reducing their positions. On the platform currency futures sector, OKB and HT contracts have experienced large-scale positions. Prior to noon, long positions were the main force; in the commodity futures sector, although the London gold contract fell after hitting 1,648 US dollars, it was still dominated by long positions during the week.