Major Chinese mining machine manufacturers gradually resume business, bitcoin computing power has recently increased again

According to CoinDesk, the computing power of the Bitcoin network has recently increased again. The average computing power in the past 7 days has reached a new high, about 117.5 EH / s, which is 5.4% higher than the stagnation period that began on January 28. This increase comes at a time when major Chinese mining machine makers have gradually resumed shipments in the past week or two. Since the end of January, the outbreak of the new crown virus has forced many businesses across the country to extend their holidays. Prior to the shipment delay due to the outbreak of the new crown virus, China's major mining machine manufacturers gradually resumed business.

WhatsMiner maker MicroBT said the company has gradually resumed operations and shipments since mid-February, noting that there are more mine sites available than a month ago. Similarly, since late February, Bitmain has restarted domestic and overseas shipments. Since February 20, the company's domestic repair services have resumed. Before bitcoin halved in May, microbit and bitmain are now in a race to launch top devices.

In addition, Jia Nan Yunzhi also announced the launch of its latest Avalon 1066 Pro model on February 28. The company has also gradually resumed business since mid-February. However, it is certain that this does not mean that these mining machine manufacturers have fully restored their production and delivery capabilities before the new crown virus outbreak.