Beijing issued the first blockchain electronic invoice, and from now on, parking lots in the city can be integrated automatically

According to the Beijing Daily, Beijing's first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice was issued yesterday at the parking lot of Hanwei International Plaza, which means that Beijing's tax service management has entered the blockchain era for the first time. Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced on March 4 that in the future, parking lots in this city can be automatically integrated with charging and invoicing. Citizens do not have to wait for invoices after scanning codes, and can issue and save blockchain invoices online instead of paper invoices , The ticket experience is further optimized. In the future, taxpayers of enterprises such as parking lots in Beijing will no longer need to incur labor costs for billing, and will no longer have to travel to and from the tax bureau for ticket purchase. In the future, blockchain electronic ordinary invoices will expand more application scenarios and cover more industries and ticket types.