OKEx will launch APM five-fold luxury gift welfare activity to share 80,000 APM

According to the official announcement on March 4, according to the official announcement of OKEx, in order to celebrate the launch of APM on OKEx, the five-time APM gift will be offered on March 5 at 15:00 (HKT)-March 11 at 15:00 (HKT). For the event, the five major luxury gifts are: Net Buying Contest, Super Lucky Award, Big Money Holder Award, Novice Startup Award, Sharing Gift Award, and a total prize pool of 80,000 APM.

APM is a blockchain-based consumer points platform, which aims to effectively collect customer data scattered in the Dongdaemun market, develop consumer points into currency that conforms to market characteristics, and then build an efficient and secure electronic payment system. APM officially launched OKEx on February 20, 2020, and has opened APM / BTC and APM / USDT trading pairs.