Huobi responds to "Account with nearly 500,000 Steem voted by Huobi": Clients withdraw their own coins, non-exchange behavior

According to the financial report on the financial network chain, the Dev 404 account has suddenly received the vote of Huobi Huobi Exchange. According to the transfer records, hkDev 404 received nearly 500,000 Steem Token from Huobi-withdrawal (Huobi), 10 hours ago This account has received nearly 2 million Steem Token from Binance-Hot. Huobi responded by saying, "It has been verified that this is a customer's own withdrawal, not Huobi exchange behavior." It is reported that in the Steem blockchain, participation in voting needs to upgrade STEEM tokens to SP lock positions Vote and get back downgraded. That is, all transactions may be misappropriated by the user's assets to lock up and vote without the user's knowledge. After the fermentation of the Steem incident yesterday, the Binance and Huobi exchanges announced the withdrawal of their votes.