Beijing issued the first blockchain electronic invoice, parking tickets and park tickets will be included

Reporter: Zhao Peng

Source: Beijing Daily

Beijing's first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice was issued yesterday in the parking lot of Hanwei International Plaza, which means that Beijing's tax service management has entered the blockchain era for the first time. Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced on March 4 that in the future, parking lots in this city can be automatically integrated with charging and invoicing. Citizens do not have to wait for invoices after scanning codes, and can issue and save blockchain invoices online instead of paper invoices , The ticket experience is further optimized.

The Municipal Taxation Bureau introduced that in the future, taxpayers of parking lots and other enterprises in this city will no longer need to expend manpower for invoicing charges, and will no longer have to travel to and from the Taxation Bureau for ticket purchases.

At present, this city's parking charges have been connected to the municipal tax bureau's blockchain electronic invoice system to achieve the connection between invoicing and payment. This is also the first step of the Beijing blockchain electronic ordinary invoice to public services. Application scenarios cover more industries and ticket types, making it easier for citizens to handle taxes.

According to reports, blockchain electronic ordinary invoices use blockchain distributed ledgers, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms and other technologies to ensure the issuance, storage, transmission, anti-counterfeiting and information security of electronic invoices.

It has the characteristics of complete traceability of the entire process, and information cannot be tampered with. It uses the alliance chain method to build a new ecosystem of electronic invoices in the “Trinity” of the tax department, the issuer and the receiver.

The invoicing party realizes on-chain invoice application, issuance, inspection, and accounting; the invoicing party can realize on-chain storage, transfer, and reimbursement; the tax department's entire process supervision, and realize paperless intelligent tax management.

Citizens do not need to go through the tax reporting process, nor do they need to purchase any special hardware equipment and professional equipment, and only need to use a mobile phone or PC client to achieve invoicing.

The tax department further explained that the blockchain electronic ordinary invoice that was launched this time is different from simple electronic invoices. It is based on the blockchain technology to establish an electronic invoice alliance chain, which writes top-level control information such as ticket types, tax rates, and product codes. On the chain, the invoicing company completes qualification verification, invoice control information verification, invoice issuance and other operations by calling the service of "on-chain tax control contract". Consumers can perform invoice storage, circulation, authenticity verification and reimbursement on the chain, and reimburse The enterprise obtains the invoice information of authorized reimbursers on the chain, completes the verification of invoices and reimbursement accounting, etc., and realizes the services and comprehensive services of the main links such as the issuance, transmission, carrying, transmission, inspection, supervision of reimbursement of electronic invoices on the chain Traceability of the life cycle.

At present, this pilot is only the first step in the construction of the city's blockchain electronic invoice. The municipal tax bureau will further explain. Based on the optimization of the pilot, the city will gradually gradually increase the city's park tickets and fixed parking tickets. All are included in the scope of Beijing Blockchain electronic ordinary invoices.

In order to promote the expansion of blockchain electronic invoices, the Municipal Taxation Bureau has conducted investigations on the ticket business of Beijing Yuanbo Park Scenic Spot and the billing business of express parking, and designed and produced electronic ordinary invoices based on blockchain technology for the above units. The program completed the functional review of the blockchain electronic ordinary invoice service management platform and the system interface debugging.

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