Market analysis: The market is in an inactive period, and BTC will continue to fluctuate with a high probability within the day.

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 8810.8 (0.67%).

BTC has entered the consolidation market since it stopped falling at the support area of ​​$ 8,500. With the early withdrawal of profitable funds, trading activities have gradually become flat. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the current price of the currency hovering between $ 8,500 and $ 9,000 is the result of competition between long and short retail investors. From the perspective of funds, the magnitude of inflows and outflows is always at a low and balanced level. Level, which indicates that the main funds are still not ready to start the next wave of market, and the strength of idle funds is not enough to break the deadlock. In the short term, the trend is still likely to fluctuate within a narrow range. Investors need to pay attention that at 23:00 last night Within a single hour, the currency price suddenly increased and accompanied by the increase in trading volume, but was quickly suppressed and dropped. This is a signal of a fierce game between the long and short sides, and it also reflects the weakness of the bulls, so it is carried out between resistance and support levels. High throw low suction operation may be a good choice.