ETC 2020 technology roadmap announced: Ethereum stack client Core-Geth completes development

The ETC Core Development Team (ETC Core) recently released its 2020 technology roadmap. The roadmap shows that its protocol team has developed Go-Ethereum stack client Core-Geth, which supports multiple networks. At the same time, its EVM / compiler team will complete the integration of the SOLL and Vyper compilers in Q1-Q2, as well as the implementation of global stack allocation and performance optimization. Its tool team completed the release of Signatory in Q1. Signatory is an offline transaction and message signer for EthereumStack and is compatible with any EVM-based network. It is understood that ETC Core is an Ethereum classic core development team that provides infrastructure tools, specifications and resources for the Ethereum classic ecosystem, maintains Core-Geth customers, participates in protocol research, upgrades and activities; it also maintains the EVM-LLVM backend Project, and is committed to maximizing EVM capabilities and innovative smart contract development.