Let the blockchain understand, "Lingting · Blockchain General 70 lectures" is launched

Babbitt today launched a series of courses, "Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70", produced by Babbitt's vice president / editor, and Ling Xing's blockchain initiator Tang Xialing. This series of courses will disassemble the blockchain knowledge points systematically, and help you build a complete blockchain cognitive system in a short time, thinking and acting like the industry's most senior practitioners.

"Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70 Lectures" includes 8 modules as a whole, dismantling 9 major cases, and 8 block chain thinking. Be your best blockchain general course, let you understand, learn, and use.

The understandable blockchain is in "Lingting · Blockchain General Knowledge 70", subscribe now: https://none.h5.xeknow.com/st/29eD3IFP7