Binance responds to Steem voting incident: voting itself does not involve "misappropriation" transfers are user behavior

In response to media reports today that Binance misappropriated user Steem's assets to support Sun Yuchen's vote and closed Steem's cash withdrawal, Binance responded and issued rumors: 1) Currently, Huobi, and other online trading platforms such as Steem have participated in community voting 2) Transfer is a user behavior, we are neutral, we support the motion of the steem community, and canceled the vote after receiving the feedback from the steem community; 3) The voting itself does not involve "misappropriation". For details, I believe the steem community will Let me announce. However, Binance officials have not yet responded to the details of closing the Steem withdrawal, and the official website has not released relevant announcements. In addition, around 17:30, Binance announced temporary system maintenance.