Godfish: Trezor and its Fork-based hardware wallet do not have a security chip and cannot guarantee randomness

Today, the second-generation Coco vault hardware wallet is available for pre-sale. The new wallet claims that it uses EAL 5+ security chips for generating true random numbers, deriving public and private keys, and signing transactions to ensure that private data such as private keys do not leave the Coco vault. In this regard, Bitpie Wallet said that the security chip is a good name. Only the extreme randomness of Bitai is the true TRNG. Don't try to change the random number algorithm. The correct way is to use a kernel-state random number generator. Immediately, Cobo Wallet co-founder Shenyufa Weibo said that Trezor and its Fork-based hardware wallet did not even have a security chip, and BitHD did not even have TRNG. How to ensure randomness?