Robinhood experiences up to 17 hours of service interruption and will compensate users based on the situation

San Francisco-based stock and cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood experienced a 17-hour service disruption when the stock market rebounded this week, and some trading users may have suffered huge losses as a result. Robinhood explained the reasons for the outage and the long repair time on the official blog, saying that the trading platform resumed service as quickly as possible. The reason for the outage was due to the pressure on the infrastructure, which was under unprecedented load, and triggered DNS system failure . Robinhood spokesman Jack Randall said that Robinhood has realized that customers are disappointed and will work to improve the user experience in the future, while "compensating customers as appropriate." Earlier news, Robinhood was fined $ 1.25 million by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in December last year for failing to ensure the best execution of customer trading orders. Robinhood received a cryptocurrency operating license issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services in January 2019, which provides services for purchasing, selling, and storing 7 cryptocurrencies.