Swedish Foreign Minister calls for action on Ukrainian crypto "fraud factory"

Sweden's foreign minister has called on Ukraine to take action after Ukraine has exposed a so-called cryptocurrency fraud to defraud investors in the country's capital, Kiev. A survey released by Swedish media Dagens Nyheter on Monday revealed that the so-called "fraud factory" is located in a two-story luxury office in Kiev. According to reports, the company, called the Milton Group, has hired a group of telemarketers to call potential investors (usually older people) and provide attractive stock and cryptocurrency investment returns. However, the Swedish media wrote in the report: "Their actual operation is fraud at the industrial level, and their victims come from all over the world." Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde responded on Tuesday, "seeing them scared those who had to leave their homes, Swedish retirees living on minimum living guarantees are really disturbing. "Ann Linde added that it was" important "to let Ukrainian authorities know about Milton Group's alleged activities and investigate these allegations.