Data: Steemit account cpZhao is buying STEEM in large quantities and transferring it to Binance-hot wallet

Steemit account cpZhao is currently purchasing (collecting) STEEM from various addresses, and began to transfer STEEM into Binance-hot wallet addresses in batches 6 hours ago. The cpZhao address received several STEEM transfers from the hubei-withdrawal wallet. Binance-hot wallet address had voted 31.73 million Steem one-time Power Up to vote two days ago, and because of this operation, 31.73 million STEEM were frozen for 13 weeks and 3 months. The address started to re-purchase STEEM tokens at noon today. Before that, the highest holding balance was only 98183.6 STEEM. This may have caused short-term redemption difficulties earlier.