The market is down and production is approaching. How long will the mining winter continue?

In February, the total market value of crypto markets and mainstream crypto token prices were in a downward trend. Affected by this, the recent mining profitability has dropped significantly compared to January, and the heat of the mining industry has declined.

Affected by the general decline in the price of tokens and the coming date of the mainstream mining tokens' production cuts, some miners are on the sidelines, leading to a decline in the computing power of the entire network this month.

In addition, the decline in the price of the token has also led to the extension of the static return period of mining machines and the reduction in mining lease mining revenue.

There are many types of products in the cloud computing market, and there are various forms of purchase. Among the mainstream cloud computing products, at the current BTC price, the BitDeer S17Pro series with a term of 360 days has the highest net profit per unit computing power.

In terms of mining hotspots, Kraken released a report that halving BTC will cost the global mining industry $ 3.1 billion in annual revenue; Ethereum core developers agree on the realization of ProgPoW, which is tentatively scheduled for July; Chinese consortium plans to purchase the largest in Latin America BTC mining site.

Tongtongtong Research has launched a series of monthly mining reports, which show the current status and monthly changes of the mining market through data analysis. This report mainly includes the contents of the token price, computing power, mining difficulty, mining machine market, mining pool computing power distribution, and cloud computing power market in the mining industry.