BigONE COO Cheng Jun: Destruction of platform coins essentially speeds up the madness of small exchanges

BigONE COO Cheng Jun participated in the gyro quiz and answered the question "OKEx provoked a wave of flat coin destruction. Is it a turning event for the development of future platform coins?" Cheng Jun believes that many exchanges follow the trend of OKEx's destruction of their platform coins. There are several points that need attention. In the announcement of OK, in addition to talking about destroying the platform currency, it was also said that a new public chain named OKChain was released, and a new point was issued called OKT. This is a very smart place.

We all know that the platform currency should reflect all the value of the platform. If there was no OKT, then the value of OKChain should naturally go to OKB, and OKB can be used as a general point. But now issue a new coin after destruction, then in essence, OKT + remaining OKB should be equal to the original value of OKB, or more precisely, it should be equal to the token value of OK ecology.

He also pointed out that the secondary market is more concerned about destruction, so the market performs particularly well. And those exchanges that are not ready to copy jobs will have problems in the future, because after they are destroyed, they will find that they have less room to maneuver in order to cater to the secondary market. Therefore, Cheng Jun believes that this incident is not a turning point, because he has not seen the innovation in essence. In essence, it only speeds up the madness of small exchanges, but it can only be an event for the platform currency itself.