Surging News: Major Events and Trends in China's Political and Commercial Relations in 2019, including the Central Political Bureau's Learning of Blockchain in October last year

On March 5th, Lu Peng, a researcher at the Private Enterprise Owner Group Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Fan Xiaoguang, an associate professor at the Research Center for Local Government and Social Governance of Zhejiang University, jointly published an article "The Events and Trends of China's Political and Commercial Relations in 2019" on the surging news. The article points out that "technology" has been the new darling of capital and government for many years. The official opening of the science and technology board in 2019 indicates that China's technology companies and the capital market have entered a new cycle of accelerated shifting. Especially in October, after high-level leaders emphasized the important role of blockchain technology in collective learning, blockchain-related stocks skyrocketed. However, Cupola's stock price does not necessarily represent true quality. In 2019, many "unicorns" encountered "folding corners". Questions about the actual effect of smart cities have also continued.