Qinghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange: Steady progress in the pilot of the "cross-border financial blockchain service platform"

According to China News Network, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Qinghai Branch has formulated and issued the Guiding Opinions of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on Qinghai Branch on Preventing and Controlling Epidemics and Developing Foreign-Related Real Economy in One Hand, and steadily promoted the "cross-border financial blockchain Service platform "pilot to facilitate trade financing. We will implement a pilot program for facilitation of foreign exchange receipts and payments for trade and improve the efficiency of external payments by enterprises. Support new business formats of foreign trade fund settlement, simplify the procedures for small and micro cross-border e-commerce enterprises' goods trade receipts and payments, and improve the flexibility of personal trade settlement business. Expand the scope of income and expenditure of overseas funds centralized management accounts, and support enterprises to develop diversified markets.