Privacy Stablecoin PUSD Announces Issuance On Privacy Network Origo

Privacy Stablecoin (PUSD, Private Stablecoin) announced that it will be constructed and issued based on the privacy network Origo. PUSD's official website shows that PUSD was created to create a stable coin that is more stable than ZCash and more private than USDT. The stablecoin will be built on the Origo network.

The PUSD team evaluated the possibility of building a privacy solution for ERC20 (the most widely used application) on the Origo network platform and found it to be feasible. Privacy stablecoins can solve the problems of daily transactions and protect the transaction privacy of users. Stable coins like USDT are designed for daily payments, but their transactions are public.

The PUSD team believes that people's transaction records should be kept private. The privacy stablecoin PUSD is an option. Website: