Shenzhen University newly added undergraduate major in financial technology, planning and layout of different professional directions such as blockchain finance

According to Shenzhen Evening News, on March 5, the reporter learned from Shenzhen University that recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the record and approval of the undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities in 2019, and the three majors of financial technology, robotics engineering, and preschool education passed the Ministry of Education Approved, this year will recruit undergraduates. Among them, fintech is the product of the close combination of finance and technology. This major is dedicated to cultivating senior professionals who have a solid theoretical foundation in economics, finance, information and computer science and can engage in related work in government departments, banking, securities and insurance, and technology companies. At the same time, Shenzhen University also plans to deploy different fintech professional directions, such as the application of financial big data technology, blockchain finance, insurance technology, regulatory technology, etc., to meet the training needs of professional and technical personnel in various segments of the fintech industry.