Monitoring shows that Tether issued 200 million USDT to the Ethereum network, which was migrated from the OMNI network

According to data, at 17:40 on March 05, USDT issuer Tether added a USD200 million USDT to the Ethereum network with a block height of 9610476 and a transaction hash value of 0xb278d4bc4d45534d17708ce868751a2a1aa9e243c0c3e3b3042741bb0c11dc

According to official Tether news, the new issue was transferred from the OMNI network to the ERC20 network and will not increase the total circulation. As of now, Tether's total ERC20 USDT circulation on the Ethereum network has reached 2,918,182,652. DAppTotal hereby invites investors to be alert to market changes and be cautious about market risks.