LingTing · Blockchain General Knowledge Lecture 70: Make the blockchain "understand"

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Hello, this is Tang Xialing. Welcome to my blockchain course.

Two years ago, I joined the blockchain field. Every year, I review and publish more than 3,000 manuscripts and interview dozens of people in the blockchain field. The future of the "Internet of Value" unfolded by the blockchain makes me excited and curious.

But this circle once confused me. Among some tech crowds, they are concerned about issues such as central bank digital currencies and technical solutions. Behind this is the dream of technology changing the world. But on the other side, I am often drawn into some rich people. Behind that is the carnival of wealth and the youth of profligacy;

These two worlds are so divided, yet so real.

When everyone heard about blockchain, the first reaction was: There are many scammers. The second reaction was: I didn't understand. The academic language is too deep, and technical terms are incomprehensible; people in the circle speak with interest, but people outside the circle are unknown.

However, neither "liar" or "incomprehensible" should not be mainstream.

Technically speaking, blockchain is born to solve the problem of trust. There are as many types of blockchains as possible where there are many scenarios where trust is missing in life.

He has also been rated as a "top ten strategic technologies" that will affect the future by Gartner. By 2030, the technology market value of blockchain will reach $ 3 trillion. At present, the major mainstream companies and investment institutions in the world are all making arrangements.

Not long ago, in October 2019, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on blockchain. He emphasized that we must take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies and accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and industrial innovation development of.

The central collective learning of the blockchain this time instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the industry, so that the original blockchain in the corner came under the spotlight. He is no longer a niche group, but is gradually moving towards the public and becoming a kind of popular culture.

Because I'm in the media, plus Babbitt is the earliest and most senior blockchain media in the country, we have received a lot of questions about the blockchain:

  • So fire, what problem can he solve?
  • With so many landing applications, who is true and who is false?
  • They say that blockchain is the future, will it have anything to do with me?
  • How does it fit into our lives and work?
  • There are so many technical terms that I don't understand. What should I do?

In order to let more people understand and learn the blockchain correctly. This time, I prepared a set of courses for you to bring you to know Qingyuan in an original way, and strive to be your "best blockchain general education course ."

I systematically combed the knowledge structure in the blockchain field. There are 8 modules in total, and they are delivered to you in 70 lessons .

I will disassemble the basic concepts and interpret them in popular terms for you to make complex concepts simple and make you "understand"; the basic concepts of a new industry are like a person's knowledge arsenal. , How far can we go in the future;

I will start from multiple perspectives, from application dimensions, investment opportunities , industry trends , well-known personalities and other dimensions, to help you build a complete and systematic cognition; because the power of the system is greater than scattered reading, people with cognitive systems Will raise the cognitive dimension by a bit, rather than just repeating at a low level;

In the end, I will combine cases and my interview experience to tell you what is really happening in the blockchain industry and the way of thinking of senior practitioners, so that you can take away some transferable methods and truly apply what you have learned.

In this class, I hope to help two types of people ;

The first is you who are curious about new things like me; when a new thing is in front of you, taking a step forward may open a new door;

Secondly, I hope that it can help everyone who feels lonely. Learning is a process of finding the same good, and finding a group of soulmates who can talk to each other in the same frequency.

I am fortunate to meet the blockchain at the best age, and I am also fortunate to accompany you to actively explore and work hard.

Before any tide of the times, it was vague. We were born in the bud of the blockchain and grew up in his chaos. In the future, we also look forward to harvesting his bonus period. If there is a future, I hope you and I are the ones who arrived earlier.

In the field of blockchain, there are no authoritative experts, no indisputable definitions, and no previous experience for reference. We are all adventurers of the unknown world. We are exploring the boundaries of the dark world. Ling listens to the future of blockchain.

Welcome to the blockchain morning bus, let's go now.

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