Media: Steemit community and Sun Yuchen are deadlocked, cpzhao wallet is still continuously transferring coins to binance-hot wallet

According to on-chain financial news, the Steemit community and Tron founder Sun Yuchen remained deadlocked in the top 20 witness seats, and the Steemit community stayed on top 7 witness seats. The query found that the power up tokens of the two exchanges of Huobi-Withdrawal and Binance-Hot were still locked. If Sun Yuchen hopes to power down the tokens locked by the exchange through a hard fork, he needs the support of at least 17 witnesses. At the same time, the cpzhao wallet continues to obtain Steem from all parties to transfer coins to the binance-hot wallet. Yesterday news, Steemit account cpZhao is buying STEEM in large quantities and transferring it into Binance-hot wallet.