Long Yu, CEO of the original chain: Many public chains have developed to the present, and the biggest problem is "direction"

On March 5th, Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu shared in the theme of "Asset Tristate Theory Behind the MOV Ecology" that the biggest problem in the development of many public chains is the "direction". What is the value? And exist. In the early days, many public chains explored various application scenarios, but in the end they became the second Ethereum and the second world computer. To find the "direction" requires not only firm conceptual support, but the popular point is belief, but also strong theoretical construction. Lang Yu further pointed out that "Bieyuan Chain's direction for" asset on-chain "is consistent, from the" asset tristate theory "to" transfer is transaction, transaction cannot be absent, everywhere "theoretical advances have benefited Because we have a strong frontier technology theory tackling department, we have ensured that the original chain has a clear rhythm and planning from thesis to technology, and then to product launch. The upcoming MOV platform is the result of this working model. "