Report: 75% of executives view blockchain as a strategic priority

According to BusinessWire, Wipro Limited, a global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today released a blockchain technology research report completed in collaboration with HFS Research, revealing the extent to which blockchain is adopted in today's industry, and Its development in 2020 and beyond. The main points are as follows: 1. Nearly 75% of executives regard blockchain as a strategic priority, and only 1% of executives consider it irrelevant; 2. Over 95% of enterprise blockchain plans focus on six broad areas: Identity, crypto, trade, payment, supply chain and finance; 3. Nearly 75% of executives are using blockchain to achieve short-term business impact (process optimization and efficiency, data and identity management, and better business results) or drive competition Differentiation (redesigned IT infrastructure, additional trust in multi-party collaboration, transparent and immutable transactions). 4. Enterprise's blockchain adoption is new and challenging, but the future is expected. Because 75% of the blockchain plans are completed in less than two years, but only 14% have reached the production stage.