JD Chief Economist: Blockchain and other developments will promote the restructuring of the financial technology industry

Shen Jianguang, chief economist of JD Digital Technology, said in an exclusive interview that the outbreak will have the following impact on the development of fintech in China. First, the pace of digital transformation of traditional financial institutions will be greatly accelerated; second, technology will generate new formats and models Development. In the future, fintech innovations driven by the development of digital technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence will have more applications. Digital finance will make up for the “non-contact” while making up for the shortcomings of the traditional financial supply system. "Style economy" provides a development engine; the third is that traditional institutions and technology companies will deepen cooperation. In the future, the fintech industry will continue to spawn new ecology and new opportunities. The development of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain, will promote the restructuring of the financial technology industry.