Lang Yu: MOV will be launched in March, and its ideal state is "transactions cannot be absent, transactions are everywhere"

At 8 pm on March 5th, the original chain CEO Lang Yu explained the "asset tristate theory" in the event: solid assets are asset equity, liquid assets are asset securitization, and gaseous assets are asset blockchain. . Among them, gaseous assets are the final form, which is also the vision to be realized by the original chain. The MOV platform is a container for the realization of "gaseous gasification of assets." The ideal state pursued is "transactions cannot be absent, transactions are omnipresent". "Trading inevitability means that asset trading should be like oxygen in the air. It must exist and cannot be restricted.

He revealed that MOV has now reached the final development stage and will be launched on schedule in March. The first stage will implement two functions of MOV exchange and flashing, open BTM, USDT, and ETH cross-chain, and the second stage will be listed on BTC, The MOV stablecoin system, while opening up various ecological access.