Chairman of Zhongke Jincai: Blockchain is expected to solve problems such as corporate financing difficulties during the epidemic

According to Netease news, on March 3rd, Zhu Kedong, chairman of Zhongke Jincai, visited the NetEase Enterprise University · President during the public class and stated that the lowest technology of the blockchain is a tamper-resistant system design, which can solve the financing difficulties facing SMEs. , Difficulties in resuming work, and arrears of funds. First, a blockchain-based debt certificate circulation platform or a blockchain-based supply chain finance model can reduce the financing cost and difficulty of SMEs. Blockchain technology directly splits the receivables of core enterprises through debts. The blockchain-based supply chain financial model has the support of the central bank. In the field of trade, the central bank's trade finance blockchain platform is expected to reduce financing costs to less than 6%.

Secondly, another technical feature of the blockchain is smart contracts, which can not only be agreed but also be automatically supervised and executed according to the agreement of both parties. During the epidemic, it was not possible to sign contracts and start operations offline, because electronic contracts based on blockchain can be better solved. Zhu Yongdong pointed out that the blockchain provides a roadmap for the implementation of transformation and upgrading of small, medium and micro enterprises. At present, the transformation and upgrading are mainly based on the three roles of a chain reform consulting service provider, a blockchain technology platform provider, and an on-chain service provider.