Zhang Hui, head of Ant Financial Block Chain Division: Blockchain expands the boundaries of intelligent commerce

According to the WeChat public number "Ant Jinfu Technology" news, on May 2, local time, the "Business of Blockchain" conference held by the MIT Technology Review was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Zhang Hui, head of the ant Jinfu blockchain department, said in his speech that intelligent technology represented by IoT, 5G, AI, blockchain, etc. will greatly expand the boundaries of intelligent commerce and become the driving force of the industrial Internet era. The greatest value brought by the blockchain is the use of technology to reconstruct the trust mechanism in the era of the Internet of Everything. This will have a profound impact on future finance and business. In this unprecedented era of technological revolution and industrial innovation, the blockchain has gradually become the representative of a new generation of innovative technologies. The governments of China and even the Asia-Pacific region are actively promoting the development of blockchain technology and promoting digital economic innovation.