Ouyang Rihui, Central University of Finance and Economics: The epidemic will promote the development of blockchain technology application scenarios

According to the Science and Technology Daily, Ouyang Rihui, deputy dean of the China Internet Economics Research Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics, said, "To combat the epidemic, people generally work from home and go to school, which provides development opportunities for online consumer development. Access to service development. "He believes that this will have three obvious effects: first, the application of digital technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence in various fields of the national economy, and the accelerated digital transformation of the economy; and second, the promotion of 5G technology to accelerate commercialization and block The development of application scenarios for chain technology will enrich the infrastructure for the development of the digital economy. The third is to accelerate the digitalization of economic and social governance, and accelerate the digital transformation from the central to the grassroots level.