Chain node notice | Steem incident serial car accident? Rich wayward? BM hasn't come out yet!

On February 14, Steemit reached a "strategic cooperation" with Tron. Chairman Steemit announced on social media that he had sold Steemit to Sun Yuchen, the founder of Tron. In order to prevent the on-chain capital power, the Steem witness node jointly launched a soft fork, turning the "witness" seat bought by Sun Yuchen for a huge amount of money into empty talk; after learning this, Sun launched a "capital attack" again, uniting multiple A well-known exchange, crushing 99.96% of the Steemit community with 0.04% of voters, won a temporary victory.

This peculiar operation caused an uproar in the industry. The competition for voting rights in the Steem community is still over. We were shocked and started to think: Is decentralization just a joke? DPoS, PoS, PoW mechanism, who can be fair? Can I do whatever I want as long as I have the money? Who should we trust to vote?

At 14:00 on March 6th, RenrenBit CMO Zi Cen and BitShares Director Cancer visited the guest chain node live broadcast room to discuss these hot issues. Scan the QR code below, add a ChainNode assistant, reply to "Live" to join the group, and talk first!