Data monitoring: PlusToken's running funds changed, 13,112 BTC were cutting and diverting

According to data from CoinHolmes, a digital asset visualization tracking platform owned by PeckShield, starting at 12.22 noon today, the funds on PlusToken's running funds 15Z1sT and 1CkuKa began to change again. 13,112 BTC are being cut into several addresses. It has been scattered into dozens of addresses, and no known inflows have been found. PeckShield security personnel analysis found that the two addresses that were changed began to be cut and scattered today after being transferred yesterday. It is not clear what the transfer purpose is, and it may flow into the exchange or sell through OTC OTC. PeckShield is locking in monitoring the further movement of target funds, and reminds customers to be cautious in investing to avoid the loss of digital assets. At the same time, it calls on major exchanges to mark their addresses and assist in freezing frozen incoming money in a timely manner.