Opinion: 60% to 70% of miners may have abandoned the ant mining machine S9 by 2020; most mines are not affected by the epidemic

Data show that the difficulty of bitcoin mining may increase by more than 5% next time. The major mining machine manufacturers in China that were previously affected by the new crown virus epidemic, Bitmain, Weibit, and Jianan Yunzhi, have gradually resumed business recently. This means that miners will gradually receive the long-awaited new miners and deploy them to fill the gap left by some miners who have sold the old miners first, such as the ant miner S9. Matt D'Souza, CEO of Blockware Solution serving North American miners, said, "Miners have sold S9 or upgraded the power infrastructure of next-generation equipment … maybe 60% to 70% of miners will give up before 2020 S9. "Once deployed, these new mining machines usually provide twice the computing power of old mining machines (such as Antminer S9), which can increase the overall network computing power, which is directly related to the difficulty of mining. In addition, many insiders said that although several mines were closed due to the new crown virus, most of the mines were still unaffected and continued to operate in the past two months. Zhu Fei, chief operating officer of Poolin, one of Bitcoin's largest mining pools, said, "Few factories closed during the outbreak. I haven't heard of any mine being closed by the new crown virus, or This matter has not yet settled. "It is reported that the major manufacturers have recently released new equipment, such as Bitmain AntMiner S19 series miners and microbit WhatsMiner M30 series miners.