SheKnows is streaming live 丨 Bitco's founder Wen Hao: The cryptocurrency industry has been secure by many orders of magnitude compared to the "Mt.Gox era"

Today (March 6) at 14:00, Babbitt SheKnows will invite slow fog technology partner Qifu, Bitpie founder Wen Hao, and DDEX co-founder Wang Bowen to discuss the topic of "blockchain security". Look for security in a safe world. Regarding whether the blockchain industry is more secure than it used to be after years of development, Bitpie founder Wen Hao said in a live broadcast that although it still seems to be a series of hacking incidents, security incidents, and currency theft cases today, (Such as the Mtgox era), it is actually safe for many orders of magnitude:

1. The hardware cold wallet technology and program have made great progress.

2. More and more professional security teams have begun to appear, and even traditional security giants such as 360 have begun to work in the blockchain field, all of which can make the industry more secure;

3. Currency companies (especially exchanges) have more money, and it is also important to have more money, because if they have money, they can invest more resources in security;

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