Chain node live room 丨 EOS milk king Zi Cen teamed up with BTS veteran Cancer to discuss steem online

During the live broadcast of the chain node live broadcast, RenrenBit CMO Zi Cen and BitShares director Cancer are discussing the recent serial event of steem. Zi Cen has been called the EOS milk king. For the steem also created by bm, the milk king believes that the core team of steem is too weak and the nodes are too focused on self-care. As an old project, steem urgently needs to change itself to deal with many competitors. Cancer stated that the goal of POW is to be as decentralized as possible, and DPOS is more like a company's governance model. The root of the problem lies in the distribution of votes. Which method is better for different projects depends on the degree to which the business depends on the underlying public chain and cannot be generalized.

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