Jinan City Public Security Bureau launched a "resumption of production and resumption of work" system, using the blockchain to build an outbreak prevention and control "safety net" for enterprises in the city

Jinan City Public Security Bureau and Jinan Industry and Information Technology Bureau jointly launched the "Resumption of Work and Reproduction" system based on the Aichengnet APP to build a "safety net" for epidemic prevention and control of enterprises in the city. The system uses the blockchain's trusted two-dimensional code mechanism to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the code and prevent the use of illegal and fake two-dimensional code to collect personal information. It adopts an authorization mechanism based on blockchain technology to ensure the legality of information collection, Authenticity and traceability. At the same time, the data is uploaded to the chain to ensure that the information cannot be tampered with, which is conducive to clarifying the responsible subjects and the scientific epidemic.