Huobi Labs survey: only 10.83% of blockchain entrepreneurs get early investment, 2 years is the life and death line

Recently, Huobi Labs completed a research activity on the theme of “Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain Entrepreneurs under the Epidemic,” and analyzed from multiple dimensions based on the results of the survey to form the “2020 China Blockchain Entrepreneur White Paper”. . According to survey data, only 10.83% of entrepreneurs in the entire blockchain industry have received early investment, and the amount of funds is generally small. The blockchain industry has developed rapidly, and it is the life and death line of entrepreneurship in 2 years. In addition, although there are more than 28,000 blockchain companies in the country, only about 1,000 carry out normal production and operation. It is understood that as a research report in the field of blockchain entrepreneurship, the white paper comprehensively analyzes the current situation of blockchain entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial trends, and major dilemmas in six chapters, and puts forward a very in-depth analysis point of view.